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Therapy can help one find solutions to difficult or confusing feelings, reduce depression/sadness and anxiety, develop healthy relationships and offers a safe place to talk. Many people describe feeling stuck, unable to  make life decisions or find themselves in unhealthy relationships and therapy can help one gain insight into the choices we make.  Life experience can affect the way we see the world and therapy can be a place to understand ourselves in different ways.  Being able to process our lives through guided talking can lead to powerful change.

Treating clients with respect and caring is vital to our practice.  We have found that people have the power to find solutions to many problems through identifying and utilizing strengths.

The therapeutic relationship is essential to successful treatment. We believe each client brings unique experiences to therapy.  Appreciating how culture and one’s story can influence people’s lives is important to treatment. Everyday life, past traumas, sadness and anxiety can contribute to life’s challenges and we hope to help one process and move past barriers to a healthier and happier life.  Our approach recognizes strengths and competencies and supports the discovery of solutions to a healthy future.

Our Specialties Include

~ Adolescent and Adult Individual Psychotherapy ~
~ Family Therapy ~
~ Couples Therapy ~
~ Life Coaching ~
~ Learning Disabilities ~
~ Loss & Grief ~
~ Trauma ~
~ Depression & Sadness ~
~ Anxiety ~
~ Divorce ~
~Anger Management ~
~ Relationship Issues ~
~ Parenting Issues ~
~ Addictions & Dual Diagnosis ~

Health Insurance

Insurance coverage can be confusing.  We can help you understand your coverage and will assist you in obtaining insurance authorization for treatment.  NSCS is an active participant with many health insurance panels.  We are also able to obtain authorizations from non-participating insurance panels on a case-by-case basis.  We are always available to speak with your insurance provider.

Question: Does my health insurance cover therapy services?

Answer: Most health insurance polices cover mental health services under guidelines that refer to “medically necessary” services. This typically means coverage for face-to-face sessions in an office for diagnosable mental health concerns. Coverage can vary according to your policy. Also, a managed care company that specializes in mental health benefits may provide the benefit. If your insurance has a carve out plan for mental health treatment you must check to find out who provides your mental health coverage and what the benefits are.

Question: How do I find out about my mental health insurance coverage?

Answer: There is usually a toll free number on the back of your insurance card. Call and obtain the information about your mental health benefit.  Ask questions about coverage for outpatient/office services, whom he can see for treatment, co-pays and how many session you are initially allowed.  It is important to understand your mental health benefit.

Question: Does my insurance allow me to see any therapist I choose?

Answer: Most plans significantly limit your selection of mental health providers. You must make sure the person you have chosen to see is definitely covered by your plan. Some plans will allow you to choose any provider, but there is a higher copay.  At North Shore Counseling Solutions we accept most insurances.

Question: Do I need pre-authoizaton to receive therapy?

Answer: Many insurance plans require pre-authorization.  You can obtain information about pre-authorization by calling the toll free number that is usually found on the back of your insurance card.  Some plans allow for unlimited treatment and some limit the number of sessions.  Once pre-authorization has been obtained you are ready for therapy.  If treatment requires additional sessions therapists can make a request to your insurance carrier.   For this to occur, therapists are required to share some information with insurance providers to obtain further treatment authorization.  The information shared can include the reasons for treatment and an explanation of why future treatment is needed.  We can help you with this process and often can contact insurance providers directly.

Some of the insurance plans accepted at NSCS are: Aetna, Beacon Health Strategies, Blue Cross Blue Shield, BMC Health Net, Cenpatico, Cigna, Fallon, MBHP, Neighborhood Health Plan, Network Health, Tufts, United Behavioral Health Plan.

Question: What if my health insurance plan is not listed above?

Answer: Please contact us.  There is a process to obtain pre-authorization for therapy. The process includes our obtaining information about your plan and our contacting your insurance provider.  It is important to know that not all providers will allow for therapy with non-participant treaters.

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